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Evanston’s Most Advanced Post-Hospital Rehabilitation 

The Grove of Evanston offers the latest advancements in post-hospital rehabilitation and combines it with a long list of stylish comforts and amenities. This unique combination allows us to offer guests the best possible care in a warm, comfortable environment that promotes the quickest possible recovery. 

Our dedicated physicians and experienced medical staff, working side-by-side with the area’s most prestigious physicians and hospitals, have earned an unmatched reputation for their ability to help patients achieve the most complete recovery, as quickly as possible.

Guests can rely on:

  • State-of-the-art physical therapy equipment and pain management
  • One of the largest rehab facilities in Evanston 
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy offered up to days a week
  • 20 full-time therapists on staff
  • Independent living skills taught in a real world environment
  • Home assessments are completed to ensure that upon discharge, guests have the skills, equipment and necessary caregiver education for a safe transition to home